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How Long Is Orientation at Walmart?

    how long is orientation at walmart

    So, you’ve gotten a new job at Walmart, everyone’s favourite shop! What a thrilling prospect! You’ve completed the application, passed the first and second interviews, and now you’ve been invited to their orientation to begin your new career!

    Now you’re probably wondering how long the Walmart orientation will run. Is there anything more I should know about Walmart’s new employee orientation?

    Don’t worry, since we’ve got you covered in this article! Everything you need to know about Walmart orientation is right here!

    What is the duration of Walmart orientation?

    Not long, the first day is spent going over the fundamentals, introductions, paperwork, and so on, then you have cbls to complete before heading to your department you were hired for. My orientation was two days since one of the HR ladies was retiring, so things were a little disorganised.

    I didn’t start working on my cbls until after 30 days, which was supposed to be the end of the month. You’re supposed to take a graduation test, good luck, it shouldn’t be too difficult. On average, the full treatment takes three days to complete. The Walmart orientation timetable may be extended up to 4-5 days due to unexpected situations.

    At a Walmart orientation, what should you expect?

    Forms to fill out, learning about Walmart as a firm and its benefits for workers (Employee Assistance for higher education, free second language courses, track to management, etc.).

    You’ll also take a couple computer courses to test your understanding of how the shop operates, as well as some in your specialised location.

    You’ll have an instructor who will teach you the fundamentals, and if you’re a cashier, you’ll begin “shadowing” an on-duty cashier on your second or third day.

    It’ll also be the last time your feet are pain-free. For the most part, you will be seated.

    When does Walmart’s orientation start?

    There is no set time for commencing the orientation at Walmart. Most of the time, though, it occurs during the morning shift, when the majority of the leaders are on duty. The Walmart orientation will take place between the hours of 8 a.m. and noon.

    What Should I Wear To Orientation At Walmart?

    When going to an interview or orientation, the dress code is really important. Particularly when it comes to Walmart orientation, you must pay close care to your attire. With solid black or grey pants, for example, any light-colored solid collared shirt is appropriate. Logos, photographs, graphic designs, and bright colours, among other things, are absolutely prohibited.

    When do you start working at Walmart after completing your training?

    After you’ve finished your background check, it usually takes two days. On the third day, if you don’t need anything else, Walmart HR will call you in for orientation. I finished it in a week, including the drug test and computer work. The first step is to pay great attention to everything to avoid making any blunders.

    Do You Get Paid At Walmart For Orientation?

    You’ll be relieved to learn that yes, you are compensated for attending Walmart orientation! Because orientation takes place during working hours, your training time is considered work, and you will be paid at your usual hourly rate.


    Walmart orientation allows new workers to learn about the Walmart culture, including its values, beliefs, and goals.

    Employees will also get the opportunity to learn about the various divisions inside the organisation.

    Furthermore, Walmart’s orientation is often held in the morning and consists of a one-day seminar that covers sales training, workplace safety, and communication skills.