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How Much Do Uber Eats Drivers Make?

    How Much Do Uber Eats Drivers Make

    With numerous food delivery services out there, how does one decide which is that the best one to drive for? Driving for Uber Eats has become one among the foremost common side gigs for those looking to supplement their income.

    There’s not much commitment involved, and it are often an excellent thanks to earn money and save for a special day sort of a wedding, a vacation, retirement or paying off debt. If you’re trying to find a replacement side hustle, continue reading to ascertain whether driving for Uber Eats is true for you.

    What Is Uber Eats and the way Does It Work?

    Uber Eats may be a global food delivery service platform employed by restaurants to deliver food to their customers. Restaurateurs can customize their food delivery accounts to their needs. Within the app, they even have the choice to plug their restaurant services to customers, creating a wider reach and potentially, repeat customers.

    When customers order from a restaurant using the Uber Eats app, the restaurant accepts and prepares the order. An Uber Eats delivery driver claims the order on the app, picks up the order from the restaurant and delivers the food to the customer.

    Customer-Driver Interaction

    People want food they order from restaurants to be delivered correctly and quickly. Many of them believe food delivery service apps like Uber Eats to save lots of them from having to travel to the restaurant themselves.

    It’s easy for patrons to use the Uber Eats app. They browse many restaurants categorized by name or cuisine then tap the restaurant to order their food. After placing an order and finding out , customers can track their delivery within the app.

    How To Become an Uber Eats Driver

    Uber Eats food delivery isn’t like traditional restaurant food delivery. Uber Eats delivery drivers work for themselves and set their own hours. Drivers deliver food when it’s convenient for them.

    Maybe you’re already an Uber Eats customer and are trying to find how to supplement your income on your own schedule. Here’s how you’ll set yourself up to urge paid delivering food with the Uber Eats app.

    Sign Up on the Uber Eats Driver App

    • Download and install the Uber Eats Driver app on your iOS or Android mobile device.
    • Consent to a background check.
    • Upload a photograph ID and other required documents.
    • Once you’re notified that your driver account is active, you’ll begin receiving delivery requests.

    Start Receiving Delivery Requests

    • Open the Uber Eats Driver app menu.
    • Tap the blue “GO” button at rock bottom of the screen.
    • Review the delivery terms.
    • To accept the delivery, tap the box with the blue flashing button at rock bottom of your screen within 15 seconds.

    Deliver Your Orders

    • Use the Uber Eats suggested navigation information from the restaurants to your customers’ locations to facilitate a smooth delivery.
    • You can contact Uber Eats support in-app if you would like additional support.

    Earn Your Money

    • You get purchased every food order pickup and delivery that you simply complete.
    • You also get paid a per-mile rate.
    • Depending on the town you reside in, you’ll also get paid a per-minute rate.
    • Uber Eats customers have the choice of tipping you in-app or in cash at the time of delivery.

    Uber Eats Delivery Driving Pros

    • You can use different modes of transportation. You choose how you deliver. you’ll drive a car, ride a motorcycle , ride a scooter or maybe walk to deliver food to your customers.
    • Work whenever or for a way long you would like. You can work for one hour, several hours, on weekends or several days throughout the week.
    • Payout is immediate. When you drive with Uber Eats, your earnings are automatically transferred to your checking account once hebdomadally . you’ll even use Instant Pay and live your ante up to 5 times per day.
    • Easy earnings tracking. Before accepting an order for delivery, you’ll see what proportion you’ll get paid to deliver it. you’ll also see what proportion customers tip you in-app.
    • Take day off whenever you would like. You can turn your delivery requests on and off within the Uber Eats Driver app whenever you select .
    • Simple sign-up process. The Uber Eats app gives you exact instructions for creating an account, learning orders and delivering orders.
    • No need for advanced scheduling. You can earn extra money using Uber Eats’ Boost and Surge promotions.

    Uber Eats Delivery Driving Cons

    • The pay is low. On average, Uber Eats delivery drivers earn $14.90 per hour, consistent with Indeed.
    • The pay isn’t steady. Some days or times of day Uber Eats drivers receive higher earnings, but it’s not consistent.
    • Wear and tear on your vehicle. More frequent maintenance and more trips to the gasoline station to refill add up. However, you’ll take a mileage deduction when filing your income taxes to alleviate a number of the burden. In 2021, the mileage deduction is 56 cents per mile.
    • The app sometimes doesn’t work. Bugs and glitches sometimes happen, especially when Uber Eats drivers use older smartphones.

    How Much Do Uber Eats Drivers Make?

    Uber Eats drivers can expect to net between $8 and $12 per hour. This range of compensation is paid usually after factoring in expenses of doing business, like gas and vehicle maintenance.

    Use Uber Eats Promotions To Earn extra money

    Uber Eats offers two promotions — Boost and Surge — to assist you increase your earnings. With Boost promotions, you earn more per trip, as Uber Eats guarantees higher rates in specific locations and at specific times.

    With Uber Eats’ Surge promotions, your earnings increase during higher demand times. you’ll see areas with high demand on your Uber Eats Driver app home screen shaded in red along side the additional dollar amount that you simply are going to be paid.

    Requirements for Becoming an Uber Eats Driver

    You don’t need to own a vehicle to deliver food with Uber Eats. inspect what you would like to deliver with Uber whether by car, by scooter, on foot or on a bicycle.

    Uber Eats Delivery by Car

    • Must submit your Social Security number for a background check.
    • Must meet the minimum age requirement where you reside .
    • Must have a legitimate driver’s license.
    • Your car must have two or four doors.

    Uber Eats Delivery on Foot or Bicycle

    • Must submit your Social Security number for a background check.
    • When signing abreast of the Uber Eats app, select Delivery by bicycle or Delivery by bicycle or foot (whichever option is out there for your city).
    • Must be a minimum of 18 years old.
    • Must have a legitimate government-issued ID.

    Uber Eats Delivery by Scooter

    • Must submit your Social Security number for a background check.
    • Must be a minimum of 19 years old.
    • When signing abreast of the Uber Eats app, select Delivery by scooter.
    • Must have a motorized scooter under 50cc.
    • Must have a legitimate driver’s license.

    Is It Worth It?

    Considering what proportion Uber Eats drivers make and therefore the associated costs, is it worth your time? You won’t be ready to retire rich driving with Uber Eats, but you’ll make some easy side money during your downtime.

    To maximize your earnings, decide to deliver during lunch and dinner rush hours. confine mind that Uber Eats drivers usually earn but Uber ride-share drivers, whose pay is about $11 to $16 per hour after expenses.

    If you’ve got some financial goals and need a comparatively easy, low-commitment thanks to earn some extra cash, then becoming an Uber Eats driver could be right for you.

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